World Handicap System – Transition Handicaps

World Handicap System 2020 – Transition Handicaps

In order to move from CONGU to WHS handicaps, all players’ current Handicap Records will be reprocessed using the WHS principles. The calculation will identify the best 8 of the last 20 Qualifying Scores, if posted during the last 2 years, and factor in:

  • The adjusted Gross Score (Score Differential)
  • The Course Rating (or SSS)
  • Any PCC (or CSS) adjustments
  • The Slope Rating of the tees played

If a player has submitted less than 20 scores in the last 2 years, the calculation will be done in a similar manner to the method of allocating new handicaps, as shown below.

Players will be able to see their expected Transition Handicap and their Low Handicap Index (Anchor Point) on the PSI screen when your Club’s Handicapping Software is updated.

Players are encouraged to submit as many scores as possible between now and November 2020 so that their Transition Handicap Index is a good reflection of their current playing ability.

9-hole scores are acceptable and Clubs are being encouraged to run 9-hole competitions to help with this.

If less than 20 Qualifying Scores posted in the last 2 years

    • 3 scores: lowest score -2
    • 4 scores: lowest score -1
    • 5 scores: lowest score
    • 6 scores: average of lowest 2 scores -1
    • 7 to 8 scores: average of lowest 2 scores
    • 9 to 11 scores: average of lowest 3 scores
    • 12 to 14 scores: average of lowest 4 scores
    • 15 to 16 scores: average of lowest 5 scores
    • 17 to 18 scores: average of lowest 6 scores
    • 19 scores: average of lowest 7 scores
    • 20 scores: average of lowest 8 scores

If a player has no Qualifying Scores posted in the last 2 years, the Transition Handicap Index will be calculated on the basis of the 3 lowest scores being equal to her/his current playing handicap.

So a player with a 20 handicap will have scores of 20, 20 and 20 on their Scoring Record and their handicap at Transition will be (20 – 2) = 18.

If a player has less than 3 lowest scores the Transition Handicap Index will be the same as her/his current Handicap. (See below).

There is, therefore, an incentive to return 3 Qualifying Scores in this year!

Transition handicaps will be using WHS calculations which you can read more about in the Rules of Handicapping Manuals and the Player’s Reference Guide

Below I have outlined the process that England Golf will be using to provide transition Handicap Indexes from the current CONGU Handicaps

What does the handicap transition look like? 

The transition from a CONGU handicap to a WHS handicap index will be calculated using the new WHS process as described below.

Your National Organisation will be using the scores within a player`s record dating back to January 2018.

They will have three groups of players:

  • Group A – More than 20 scores
  • Group B – Between three and 19 scores
  • Group C – Less than three scores.

Group A and B will have all the scores in their CONGU record transferred and reformatted for WHS.

  • For each score within the record, the transition will identify the course/tee used based on the SSS and the Course Data entered by clubs. Then it will check for a Course and Slope Rating.
    o Should the tee not be clearly identifiable then the Course Rating will be equal to SSS and the slope will be allocated at 125.
  • The CONGU Adjusted Gross Score or Stableford/Par equivalent will be used.
    o The Playing Conditions Calculation will use SSS minus CSS to give the equivalent value.
    o Course and Slope rating used will be that identified as above.
  • Score Differential Calculation(113/Slope Rating) x (Adj. Gross Score – Course Rating + (SSS-CSS))
  • This will happen for all scores within the record
  • The handicap index will then be calculated either using:
    o The best eight from last 20 scores (Group A)
    o The initial allocation table (5.2a in the Rules of Handicapping)

For players with less than three scores since January 2018 (Group C),

A handicap index will be allocated based on the Current CONGU Handicap.
o Handicap Committees should then review the allocated index to see if this reflects the player’s ability.
o After they have returned three scores the usual WHS process will apply.