World Handicap System – Playing Conditions Calculation

World Handicap System 2020 – Playing  Conditions Calculation

Playing Conditions Calculation (PCC)

Abnormal playing conditions can be caused by weather and or course set-up

The PCC assesses whether playing conditions on the day were ‘normal’ or significantly harder or easier than normal.

    • When abnormal playing conditions cause scores to be higher or lower than expected on a given day, a Playing Conditions Calculation will adjust score differentials to better reflect the player’s actual performance
    • This means that a higher score on a difficult day may still be a good score and one of the player’s best 8, and used to calculate their updated Handicap Index

Application of the PCC

    • It is performed only once for a day
    • Considers all acceptable scores submitted on a golf course (all formats, competitive and recreational, 9- and 18-holes)
    • Requires at least eight acceptable scores submitted by players with a Handicap Index of 36 or below
    • Is automatically applied within the calculation of Score Differentials for all players.
    • Is designed to be simple and conservative in nature, adjusting score differentials in integer values ranging from -1 to +3