World Handicap System – Minimum Number of Holes

World Handicap System 2020 – Minimum Number of Holes

Minimum Number of Holes

Scores can be accepted for handicap purposes when a round is not fully completed if there is a valid reason why some holes are not played, such as:

  • Fading light or bad weather
  • Player injury or illness
  • A hole being declared out of play for maintenance or reconstruction
  • When a competition has been arranged over less than 18 holes.

9 Hole Scores

  • All 9 holes must be played to submit a 9-hole score.
  • 9-hole scores are scaled up to an 18 hole score by adding Net Pars for the remaining holes, plus one additional stroke, i.e. the equivalent of 17 points in Stableford format.

18 Hole Scores

  • 10 or more holes must be played to submit an 18 hole score.
  • If 10 to 13 holes have been played, the first hole not played is recorded as (Net Par + 1) and the remaining holes as Net Par.
  • If 14 or more holes have been played, the holes not played are recorded as Net Par.
  • The player’s Course Handicap (not Playing Handicap) is used when determining Net Par.
  • If playing an 18-hole round and the player completes 10 or more holes, the score is added to their record
  • If playing a 9-hole round, all holes must be completed
  • If the minimum number of holes are not played the score is discarded and not included in the player’s record