World Handicap System – Course Handicap

World Handicap System – 2020 Course Handicap

Course Handicap

This is the handicap that your Handicap Index needs to be converted to in order to determine the number of strokes you will receive for the golf course (set of tees) that you will be playing and allows your handicap index to be portable across all courses.

It is necessary because your Handicap Index has been calculated in reference to a Slope Rating of 113 (slope rating for a standard or neutral course); if you are playing a course with a Slope Rating different from 113 then your Handicap Index needs to be re-calculated determined by the  Slope Rating of that course.

A Course Handicap look up table will be available at every club, or you could use an app or the Club’s Handicap Software

You simply select the tees you want to play from and look up your Handicap Index to ascertain your Course Handicap

If you are playing a competition or a match you will also need to know any handicap allowances that may need to be applied.

Course Handicap Calculation
Course Handicap Tables
Official Course Handicap Tables

This calculation of Course Handicap is different from that being used by USGA and Golf Australia both of which include the addition of the difference between the Course Rating and the Par for the course being played.

I can confirm that England Golf have decided not to include the difference between course rating and par in its calculation of Course Handicaps there will Therefore be a difference between the Course Handicaps that GB&I will play to from those played to by the rest of the world.