World Handicap System – Club Checklist

World Handicap System 2020 – Club Checklist

Preparing for World Handicap System at Club level

It is important that golf club managers/secretaries and committee members are aware of required activities as part of World Handicap System preparation work.

Although the WHS is being phased in during 2020 and GB&I are not scheduled to go live until 2 November 2020, it is wise that Clubs consider preparing early.

To help towards this England Golf have provided golf clubs with a checklist and the preparations necessary for the transition to the World Handicap System.

Clubs must ensure that key club individuals are aware of, and have contact details of, their County Handicap Advisor/s and Course Rating Team Leaders, and their Regional Handicap Advisor.

All clubs will need to have a formal USGA rating completed.

It is advised that clubs liaise with their County to confirm this has been completed.

Please refer to the supporting number indexed on the second page of this document to ensure your club has completed the relevant activities.

You may read a copy of the World Handicap System Club Checklist by clicking on the link WHS Club Checklist

Or download a copy by clicking on the download button below: