World Handicap System – Cap

World Handicap System 2020 – Cap


This is a suppression mechanism that limits increases in handicap Index relative to a player’s lowest Handicap Index when a player is going through a spell of poor form.

    • Soft Cap

The Soft Cap suppresses upward movement when the difference between the new calculated Handicap Index and the Lowest Handicap Index is greater than 3.

The increase is suppressed by 50% of any value over 3

    • Hard Cap

The Hard Cap prevents further upward movement by placing a hard ceiling at 5 above the Lowest Index

The Soft Cap and Hard Cap procedures only start to take effect once a player has at least 20 acceptable scores in their playing record.

Soft Cap
Soft Cap
Hard Cap
Soft Cap
WHS Cap Poster

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Limit on Upward Movement of a Handicap Index