Why Rules of Golf?

Why do we need Rules?

Golf relies on integrity and we all assume that players play ‘by the Rules’.

Over the years the Rules of Golf have become quite complex and ambiguous and there is a great temptation to overlook them, especially in social games, but you must be careful that your ‘social rules’ do not get carried over into competition golf.

If you know and play by the Rules you get an accurate assessment of how you are playing. You are also able to compare your performance against others, family, friends and opponents or competitors.

When your handicap does come down, you can be confident that it was achieved in the same way as everyone else.

Your accomplishment loses its impact if it was achieved using Rule infringements.

Another benefit of knowing the Rules of Golf is you will know all the options available to you when you find you ball in a difficult location. You will be in a better position to choose an option that is most beneficial to you.

Once you are familiar with the Rules of Golf your golf will improve because you have legitimately taken advantage of the many benefits the Rule of Golf have to offer.

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