Want to know your Golf Course’s Slope Rating?

Slope Ratings for  Golf Clubs Worldwide

With the World Handicap System up and running in most countries you can now search for the Slope Rating of many Golf Course, worldwide.

Introduction of the World Handicap System in GB&I is still on track for 2nd  November 2020.

All Golf Clubs have been issued with digital educational material allowing them to organise club information sessions .

If you want to know your Golf Course’s, or any Golf Course’s,  Slope Rating, follow the link below to the USGA Course Rating and Slope Database (TM) where you can, by entering details of a Golf Course, search for the Slope Rating of any Golf Course Worldwide which has had its Slope Rating issued for 2020. For England enter Country as ‘England’ NOT ‘UK and Leave the Club State field blank. Note that the layout you see will be different for Windows and iOS (iPad, iPhone) best layout is Windows:

Course Rating and Slope Database™

Enjoy your golf


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4 Replies to “Want to know your Golf Course’s Slope Rating?”

    1. Seems to very popular mainly in the North of England many clubs organising Tigers and Rabbits Open Events.

      See Kirkbymoorside, Shipley, Calverley, Branshaw, Normanton and Wakefield to name a few.

      There is a competition run by Stanmore in Middlesex.

  1. The present demarcation for tigers is 15.4, after that you become a rabbit . we run tigers section single medal every monday april to october , we have a lot of members on 14 ND 15 Handicaps who look like going up 2 shots , therefore they wont be eligable to play medals on mondays . I dont know if the tigers and rabbits is worldwide at golf clubs , but can the demarcation cut be adjusted by individual golf clubs or is it a world wide recomendation ? .

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