Update to CONGU 2018 Changes 1st January 2018

CONGU have just released an update to their 2018 Changes; in order to prevent players’ handicaps suddenly jumping from 28 or 36 to 54 they have revised section 1.5 which now recommends a Maximum of a 3 Stroke increase on handicaps following the Performance Against Target values reported in an Anual Review of players whoes handicaps were at the 28[36] limits at the year end 2017.

Committees may have an option to increase a player’s handicap by a few more strokes if, knowing the player well and after giving due consideration to the player’s age, ability, mitigating circumstances etc., they feel a greater increase is justified. (This will be explained more fully in the next post).

To see these changes click on the link below:

CONGU-2018-Changes-FAQs 25-1-18

There are problems with using Performance Against Target and a few things to bear in mind are:

  1. It is based on scores entered in ALL competitions by both Men and Ladies. Because there are more Men playing golf than Ladies, this means thet the Traget is mostly based on how a Man is expected to play. This could lead to a target not being correct for the majority of Lady golfers.
  2. The Target is different for each handicap category – a low handicap player is expected to return scores that are closer to her/his handicap more times than a player with a higher handicap.
  3. ISV Handicapping software requires at least 7 qualifying scores to be recorded for the statistics to have any significance.
  4. A committee should not offer a player the option to refuse a handicap adjustment. This particularly applies to handicap increases because in the long term this can affect the CSS for a competition and so affect every other competitor’s handicap.
  5. Bear in mind that if a large number of players have handicaps that are lower than thay can regularly play to the CSS can be affected in such a way that the CONGU handicapping system will not work as it should do; on the other hand if a player’s handicap is too high her/his handicap will naturally come down during competition play and s/he will not affect the CSS.

You may find that some members may not be too happy at having their handicap increased, it will need to be explained to them, as sympathetically as possible, that it is not just a question of their handicap but everyone else’s handicap and the relationship they have with each other that is important.

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