Supplementary Scores

The second item on the CONGU changes for 2018 is the relaxation on the number of Supplementary Scores that a player can submit each year.

Supplementary Scores – Relaxation of the rules to allow an unlimited number of score submissions per year and removal of the restriction of one per week. However, the restriction on Category 1 players will remain in place.

In 2008, in an endeavour to get players to  return as many qualifying scores as possible so that their handicap would better reflect their current playing ability, CONGU introduced the Submission of Supplementary Scores.

Although they realised that many Golf Clubs felt they were running sufficient Qualifying Competitions for players to submit enough Scores to manage their handicap, CONGU also realised that some players, for various reasons, found it difficult to play in as many competitions as they would like.

CONGU, therefore, allowed players to submit up to 10 Supplementary Scores which could be played over 9- or 18-holes and submitted within the period between annual Reviews. All Supplementary rounds must be palyed under Competition Play Conditions.  Category 1 players, however, could only submit Supplementary Scores between 1st September and 31st December and only a sufficientnumber of scores to retain or regain a Competition Handicap.

These limits have now been removed as of January 2018, and except for Category 1 players, for whom the limit remains unchanged apply to all other Handicap Categories.

So, What are Supplementary Scores?

Supplementary Scores offer players who may not be able to return sufficient scores for handicap purposes partly due to:

  1. work or family committments preventing players from participation in competitions
  2. difficulty in obtaining an acceptable start time on competition days in clubs with a large playing membership, or
  3. a declining desire to play regular competitive golf.

A player can submit a Supplementary Score at any affiliated Golf Club of which s/he is a member; no club can refuse a member’s request to submit a Supplementary Score and should have in place an accepted procedure for a member to register her/his intention to play a Supplementary round and how to process that intention.

This procedure should include:

  1. A note that the player must not have played the course earlier on the day ( this can be overidden by the club, allowing a Supplementary Score to be returned following play of a Strokeplay round earlier in the day,  if they so wish)
  2. A note that Supplementary scores over 18-holes may be played as either Strokeplay or Stableford; Strokeplay scores being sublect to Nett Double Bogey adjustments.
  3. A note that Supplementary Scores may also be played over a designated 9-hole course and in this case the round must always be played as a Srtableford competition.
  4. Supplementary Scores may be used to regain a Competiton Handicap (‘c’ status)
  5. Where to sign-in
  6. Which tees to play from
  7. Where to put scorecards after having played the round
  8. Who may mark the player’s card
  9. What a player must do if a Supplementary Score is recorded at a player’s Away Club
  10. A note that, should a player register her/his intention to play a Suplementary round but fails to return her/his scorecard, an increase of 0.1 would be applied to her/his handicap.

If a Supplementary Score is returned at a player’s Away club the Member:

(a) Must retain the card as for cards submitted by Home players;

(b) Should, if the club’s handicapping software so permits, enter the score into the system and return it to the Home Club via the CDH, and

(c) Shall assist the Home Club, if necessary, in confirming whether the player has discharged his/her responsibilities in ensuring that all Supplementary Scores from Away clubs have been returned.

When a Member returns a Supplementary Score at an Away Club that club:

(a) Must register his/her intent to play in the manner directed by that club;

(b) Must return the card to the Away Club; and

(c) Must ensure that the score is returned to his/her Home Club, taking a copy or duplicate card if necessary.