Suggested Role for a Golf Club Rules Chair


The Rules Chair is responsible for:

RULES COMMITTEE: The Rules Committee should be composed of the Rules Chair and two other members. The Chair and his/her Committee should keep all members informed about the conditions of each competition and the Rules in force. The Chair and other Committee Members should familiarize themselves with The Rules of Golf. The Committee is responsible for the proper application and interpretation of The Rules of Golf.

RULES BOOKS: Copies of The Rules of Golf, effective January 2019, should be made available to all players. 2019 is a Rules and Decisions change year. R&A and USGA Rules books will be available at the [GOLF CLUB]. (Available during September 2018). A copy of the 2019 Guidelines to The Rules of Golf should be kept in the Computer Room at the [GOLF CLUB]. (Available from 1 November 2018)

EDUCATION:  The Rules Committee is responsible for a means of informing and teaching members the Rules of Golf.

POSTING RULES: The Rules Committee is responsible for posting, in advance of play, the regulations and rules governing all scheduled events.

LOCAL RULES: The [GOLF CLUB] has adopted the following Local Rule/s and insists it/they be implemented by all members.



See The Rules of Golf “Local Rules.” Note that any penalty imposed by a Rule of Golf cannot be waived by any local Rule.

DECISIONS ON GOLF RULES: The Rules Committee decides any questions or claims that may arise. The Rules Chair and the other members of the Rules Committee should be prepared to supply general information about the Rules of Golf. The Committee should decide any Rules question that arises during scheduled play. In order to make a fair and amicable resolution of questions or claims the Committee should:

Assemble the facts. Find the Rule that pertains to the situation. Ask those involved to read the Rule or Rules that apply to the situation. Distinguish carefully between Rules for match play and those for stroke play.

  • In match play, the players should be left to resolve differences on their own, whenever possible. If they disagree, the Committee must ascertain whether a proper claim has been made. If so, the Committee must rule on the claim. The Committee must always intervene: (1) when a valid claim is made; (2) if players agree to waive the rules; (3) if a player or players do not start on time; (4) if there is a pace of play issue; or (5) if there is a Code of Conduct issue.
  • In stroke play, the Committee must rule on any situation in which a breach of a Rule has been observed or reported to the Committee, or in which a player has completed the play of a hole with two balls.

 If a question cannot be decided by the Rules Committee, the Main Club Committee, as a whole, should make a decision. If doubt still exists, the [GOLF CLUB] Rules Chair or any of the names below may be consulted:

(Name) [GOLF CLUB] Rules Chair (Contact details)

(Name), [GOLF CLUB] Asst. Rules Chair (Contact details)

(Name) [GOLF CLUB], Rules Committee Member (Contact details)

R&A Rules: Please enter details of your Rules of Golf enquiry at



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