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The New Rules of Golf came into effect on 1st January 2019 and the World Handicap System in 1st January 2020 , slowly being phased in by countries as their playing seasons dictated.

The World Handicap System (WHS) came into effect in GB&I on Monday 2nd November 2020.

This means that although CONGU will still exist and oversee and offer guidance in applying the WHS in GB&I the CONGU Unified Handicap System (UHS) no longer operates.

Being totally superceded by the WHS, it means that the CONGU UHS Manual is no longer valid and has been replaced by the Rules of Handicapping for GB&I and the CONGU Guidance to the Rules of Handicapping as Applied to GB&I.

These publications are also accompanied by the 2019 Rules of Golf  Advice Effect on WHS Handicapping, which needs to read alongside the other publications.

This website will be geared to bringing you information and comment on these golfing issues, together with help in  interpreting them in various circumstances and suggestions on how they could be integrated into your Golf Club.

I am Tony Ireland and live in Somerset. I took up golf ‘seriously’ just over twenty years ago and remain a very enthusiastic, mid-handicap player.

Taking to Golf late in life I realised that I would never be an elite, low-handicap golfer and developed an interest in the Rules of Golf.

Gaining a distinction in the R&A Rules Level 2 examination, I became a Somerset County Referee and later an England Golf Referee and it is during my time as a referee and Competition Administrator and playing my own games of golf that I saw how players struggled with the rules of golf and playing situations that they found themselves in.

Things have not been made any easier by more golfers following international golf on TV, where USGA and European rules may vary slightly nor by older and more experienced golfers, respected by newer players and assumed to be more knowledgeable over the Rules of Golf, offering advice but unfortunately not having kept up to date with Rule changes.

As well as bringing you information on the Rules of Golf and Handicapping this Blog, for every Club golfer, will try to shed some light on the Rules of Golf and Handicapping issues that you could meet every time you play a round of golf, whether it is a social or competitive game. Examples and scenarios will be taken from everyday Golf Club Golf rounds rather than ones from professional tournaments.
It is hoped that the site will develop through the questions, comments and feedback that you supply.

With the R&A modernisation of the Rules of Golf planned for January 2019 and more immediately CONGU Handicap changes earmarked for January 2018 emphasis will be placed on these issues and some advice and ideas will be offered as to how your Club could introduce and manage the changes.


You can contact me at tony@my-golf.uk


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