Rules Quiz Number Two – Intermediate Level

How Well do you Know the Rules of Golf 2019?
See if you can score Par (18 points) on 9 Random Questions.
The questions are aimed at an entry level until the new Rules are well under way and you have come to grips with them.
Play as many times as you like, the questions will be random each time.
Best of Luck!

1. If there is an artificial wall around the base of a tree is the wall an obstruction?

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2. In Stroke Play, a player uses equipment (such as a brace on his or her wrist) to help with a medical condition. What is the ruling?

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3. Which is correct concerning obstructions?

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4. In Match Play, a hole may be tied when, after the hole has begun, you and your opponent agree to consider the hole tied. There is no penalty for doing so.

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5. Your ball lies in the general area outside an area on the course that is marked as ground under repair (GUR). High grass growing within the GUR interferes with your swing, but not with the lie of your ball, or with your stance. What is the ruling?

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6. In Stroke Play, to free his hands while attending the flagstick, a player's caddie places the player's sand wedge on the putting green,bt not to indicate a line of lay. After the player putts and the ball nears the hole, the caddie removes the flagstick. The caddie also removes the sand wedge from the putting green, fearing that the player's ball might strike it. What is the ruling?

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7. In Match Play, which of the following is incorrect?

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8. In Four-ball play, either partner may take any allowed action for the side, such as to mark, lift, replace or drop a ball.

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9. Which of the following is incorrect?

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10. In Stroke Play, a player begins taking his or her stance while his or her caddie stands on the fringe of the putting green on an extension of the line of play behind the ball. What is the ruling?

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11. Your ball at rest is treated as having moved only if it is known or virtually certain that it did.

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12. Your ball lies in a bunker in an unplayable position. You take relief by dropping a ball under the lateral relief option of the unplayable ball rule, 19.3a, in the bunker but mistakenly drop it in the bunker closer to the hole than where your original ball lay. To correct your mistake, you lift the ball and take relief under back-on-the-line option, dropping your ball in the bunker. Which is the correct ruling?

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13. In Stroke Play, after resuming play that was suspended due to a rainstorm, a player's ball comes to rest near a large bush. In making several practice swings, the player causes water on the branch of the bush to be removed, thus eliminating the distraction from the water during his or her next stroke. What is the ruling?

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14. In Stroke Play, a player plays a wrong ball from deep rough onto the putting green. When the player reaches the putting green, the mistake is discovered. The player returns to the rough and plays another ball that s/he believes to be his or hers. Then the player discovers he or she has played a second wrong ball. What is the ruling?

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15. In Match Play, during a search for your ball your opponent kicks a ball into deep rough that is identified as your ball. Your opponent replaces your ball. What is the ruling?

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16. Which is correct?

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17. Which is incorrect regarding a marker in Stroke Play?

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18. You play a provisional ball into the same general location as your original ball and both balls are found. You are, however, unable to identify either ball. What is the ruling?

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19. In Stroke Play, a player’s ball lies in a bunker. The ball is accidentally moved as a direct result of his or her removal of a small acorn, lying in the bunker. The player replaces the ball before his or her next stroke. What is th ruling?

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20. The Committee may not make a Local Rule prohibiting, restricting or allowing practise before or between rounds,

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21. Your ball after a stroke comes to rest against the Flagstick in the hole, but no part of the ball is below the surface of the putting green. You remove the Flagstick and your ball moves. What is the ruling?

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22. Your original ball is out of play when you put another ball into play under penalty of Stroke and Distance.

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23. In Four-ball Match Play not during a search, a player by mistake lifted an opponent’s ball in a penalty area without authority. What is the ruling?

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In individual Stroke Play there is never a penalty if two players agree to play out of turn.

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25. You concede a hole, then realise you get a handicap stroke on the hole and request a ruling; the Committee should revoke the concession.

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