Rules Quiz Number One – Entry Level

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How Well do you Know the Rules of Golf 2023?
See if you can score Par (18 points) on 9 Random Questions.
The questions are aimed at an entry level until the new Rules are well under way and you have come to grips with them.
Play as many times as you like, the questions will be random each time.
Best of Luck!

1. In Match Play, a player removes an immovable obstruction affecting the line of play of their opponent who had requested that the player not do so. What is the ruling?

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2. A player uses a device to listen to a radio broadcast or any other type of broadcast, such as a video. Which of the following is incorrect?

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3. Player A and Player B share a buggy. A's ball in motion, after a stroke accidentally strikes B sitting in the shared buggy while it is being moved by B. B gets a one-stroke penalty and the stroke of A is cancelled.

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4. The player is treated as having authorized the flagstick to be attended if the player's caddie or another person is standing right next to the hole when the stroke is made, even if the player is not aware that the caddie or other person is doing so.

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5. Which is correct regarding player A and player B in a situation where a ball is interfering with or helping play in the General Area?

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6. A referee assigned to a match must rule on any issue that comes to their attention in time.

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7. After the result of a match is final, no later rulings may be made.

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8. Artificial objects defining or showing out of bounds, such as walls, fences, stakes and railings are obstructions.

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9. In stroke play, a player is in the process of taking relief from ground under repair in the general area. Before the player drops the ball, they remove sand and loose soil from the relief area. What is the ruling?

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