Rules Quiz Number Three – Advanced Level

How Well do you Know the Rules of Golf 2019?
See if you can score Par (18 points) on 9 Random Questions.
The questions are aimed at an entry level until the new Rules are well under way and you have come to grips with them.
Play as many times as you like, the questions will be random each time.
Best of Luck!

1. A player started a round with 14 clubs. The head of their driver came off when they made a practice swing with it while waiting to play from the 4th Tee. Without penalty, the player may:

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2. A player's ball lies on a Cart Path in the General Area, from which they wish to take relief under Rule 16.1b. The Nearest Point of Complete Relief will be in a large area of shallow Temporary Water which adjoins the Cart Path and the Nearest Point of Complete Relief under Rule 16.1a would be back on the Cart Path. Each of the following is an option available to the player, except which one?

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3. A player lifts their ball from a Cart Path without marking its position when taking relief under Rule 16.1b (Abnormal Course Conditions). The player gets:

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4. In Match Play, player B, who is away removes the flagstick, places it on the putting green behind the hole, and putts. Player A, believing that B's ball will strike the flagstick, picks it up, allowing B's ball to roll beyond where the flagstick had been paced. Which of the following is the correct ruling?

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5. Which on of the following is regarded as giving or asking for advice?

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6. In Four-ball Stroke Play, the 'one-ball' condition is in effect and a player accidentally switches to a different brand of ball during the play of the 5th hole. The mistake is not discovered ubtil the 8th hole. YThe player completes play of the 8th hole and then switches back to the correct brand for the remainder of the round. What is the penalty

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7. When is a player no longer permitted to play his/her original ball?

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8. In a singles match between A and B, A plays from outside the teeing area on the 5th hole. B claims, in ignorance, that A loses the hole for playing outside the teeing area. A protests but concedes the hole. Later, A, having consulted the Rule book, lodges an official protest with the Committee. What is the ruling?

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9. In Four-ball Stroke Play, Players A and B are partners. On the 13th hole, B accidentally chips A's ball from just short of the putting green. A sees how the ball rolls to the hole. A realises the mistake before playing B's ball. what is the ruling?

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