Rules Quiz Number Three – Advanced Level

How Well do you Know the Rules of Golf 2019?
See if you can score Par (18 points) on 9 Random Questions.
The questions are aimed at an entry level until the new Rules are well under way and you have come to grips with them.
Play as many times as you like, the questions will be random each time.
Best of Luck!

1. In Four-ball Stroke Play, Players A and B are partners. On the 13th hole, B accidentally chips A's ball from just short of the putting green. A sees how the ball rolls to the hole. A realises the mistake before playing B's ball. what is the ruling?

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2. A and B are partners in a four-ball match. A's ball is on the putting green 30 feet from the hole. B's ball is 20 feet from the hole on a similar line. To assist him with his own putt, B stands on an extension of the line of putt behind A's ball while A putts. What is the ruling?

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3. In Match Play, player B, who is away removes the flagstick, places it on the putting green behind the hole, and putts. Player A, believing that B's ball will strike the flagstick, picks it up, allowing B's ball to roll beyond where the flagstick had been paced. Which of the following is the correct ruling?

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4. In individual stroke play, in which of the following situations may Player A not ask Player B to lift his/her ball?

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5. During play of the 9th hole, a player's ball comes to rest on on a practice green near to the 10th tee. What is the ruling?

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6. Which one of the following is a nearest point of complete relief as defined in the Rules of Golf?

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7. A Match Play Club Championship was scheduled over three consecutive days. The Committee has not provided in its Terms of the Competition any special provisions regarding practice. On the evening after the second match, a player played three holes at the club on the competition course with his daughter. Which of the following is true?

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8. Which of the following is true regarding an attended flagstick?

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9. A player makes a stroke from within the teeing area, his/her ball deflects off a  moving maintenance vehicle and comes to rest out of bounds. The player must,

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