Learn the Rules of Golf and Test Your Knowledge.

Learn the Rules of Golf and Test Your Knowledge.

The Rules of Golf 2019, although having been modernised, still contain 24 Rules, 99 sub-sections, and 37 Exceptions to the Rules.

They also contain 74 Definitions, 42 clarifications of the Definitions, 100+ Interpretations of the Rules, as well as dozens of allowable Committee Procedures.

I am providing a link to a free educational website ‘The Roving Official’ which I think will provide you with an easy and intuitive approach to learning the Rules of Golf and testing your knowledge, rather than simply reading the Rules of Golf and then testing your knowledge with my previous quizzes.

The site teaches the Rules of Golf by providing actual Rules situations that you will encounter on the course or see in a Rules exam.

It contains separate sections on the Rules of Golf, for example, Rules about advice, clubs, putting greens, bunkers, practising, dropping, playing a wrong ball, and many others, together with tests which you can set at different levels of difficulty and use to review your knowledge of the Rules of Golf.

It will, I am sure, improve your understanding of the Rules of Golf.

Use the drop-down menus on the page to display the Rules topics. Each topic will provide you with some important elements of that section and links to the specific Rule, Definition, or Interpretation.

Once you have read those elements, continue on to test your knowledge of that section.

There are a minimum of 20 true/false and multiple choice questions in each section – over 1500 questions in all.

After each question is answered, you will be provided the correct answer as well as a link to the corresponding Rule, Definition, or Interpretation.

As you progress through the questions you will see a pattern to the Rules, your understanding increase, and you will become more comfortable with the types of questions you will encounter on the Rules Exam.

If you have trouble with a question, click the after the question to bookmark it. The   will change to    and you can review it again later in your Favorites. Then, after you have finished studying each section, take the Rules Review to test your overall knowledge of the Rules.

So give it a try by clicking on the button below and have fun!