Definitions Eliminated from the Rules of Golf 2019

List of Definitions to be Eliminated from the Current Definitions in the New Rules of Golf 2019



Current Definition Reason for Elimination
Addressing the Ball Formal definition no longer required in view of the recent and proposed rule changes
Ball Deemed to have Moved Covered under a new definition ‘Move’
Ball Holed Covered under a new definition ‘Holed’
Ball Lost Covered under a new definition ‘Lost Ball’
Competitor (and Fellow Competitor) Current definition is limited too Stroke Play. Proposed new Rule will use the term ‘Player’ for both Stroke Play and Match Play  in hope it will remove any confusion
Equity Term often misunderstood; similar concept recognised in the New Rule 20.3, but not given a label
Forecaddie Term no longer used
Hazards Current term includes water hazards and bunkers. The New Rules of Golf these will be treated separately
Lateral Water Hazard Lateral Hazards will be part of a new term ‘Penalty Areas’
This will be known as a ‘Red Penalty Area’ offering lateral relief
Line of Putt Will come under a single definition of ‘Line of Play’
Observer No longer needed
Rub of the Green No longer needed
Rule or Rules Formal definition no longer required, ‘Rules’ will be explained under New Rule 1.3
Single No longer required