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    1. As stated the CONGU Unified Handicap manual deals with the question of Shotgun Starts under Decision 1(g)
      Dec. 1(g) – Status of a Competition in which Shotgun Starts are Employed or competitors are authorised by a Committee to start other than at the first tee.

      Competitions in which competitors are authorised by the Committee to commence play elsewhere than from the first tee will be Qualifying Competitions for handicap purposes provided all other requirements of the UHS are satisfied. This includes ‘Shotgun Starts’.
      The requirements that the UHS expect are:

      Competition Play Conditions

      Competition Play Conditions prevail during Stroke Play, Par/Bogey and Stableford competitions over 18 holes and for competitions played over a Designated Nine-Hole Course under the Rules of Golf from Competition Tees. Competition Play Conditions shall not prevail
      when the length of the course played varies by more than 100 yards (91 metres) from the length of the Measured Course.
      Note 1 :
      Special rules apply when the length of a Measured Course has been temporarily reduced or increased – see Clause 13 of the CONGU UHS Manual
      Note 2:
      Special rules apply to Nine-Hole Qualifying Competitions
      – see Clause 22 of the CONGU UHS Manual



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