Addendum to Last Post on Whether to Record Gross Score against Course or Player Handicap

Addendum to Last Post on Recording Gross Score against Course or Player Handicap

A reader commented on my mention of Stableford and Maximum Score formats relating to England Golf and not other jurisdictions.

I must thank him for bringing it to my attention and hope I have not caused any confusion for anyone.

The reason I mentioned that my comments related to England is that, although I do try and advise on all jurisdictions (worldwide) I do concentrate on England and have to remember that some of my readers are from other countries and I could easily confuse them if I don’t qualify some of my points.

Although the WHS is supposed to be worldwide, not all of its features have been adopted by some Countries.

My comments therefore on Stableford and Maximum Score formats do also apply to Wales, Scotland and Ireland.

However, unlike England, Scotland and Wales, it is Ireland’s intention to trial the inclusion of some match play events into handicapping and to also include some Four Ball Better-Ball scores in situations where the returned scores are better than a target expectation for this format of play.

Where scores returned in match play or four-ball formats are Acceptable Scores there is a need for calculating a ‘Most Likely Score’ when a player starts a hole but does not hole out.

So in Ireland, when using a ‘Most Likely Score’ a player must still bear in mind the score that would be recorded compared to a Net Double Bogey against their Course Handicap.,

NOTE: This will not be in use for the rest of GB&I, although it is part of the WHS and in use in the rest of the world.

Something, no doubt, England Golf will review that situation in the future.

Golf Ireland will issue details of the inclusion of match play and 4BBB in due course, but at the moment these formats are not acceptable in England or Scotland.

Hope this clears things up.

Sorry, however, if I did manage to confuse you.


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