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WHS Handicap Calculator

This is a very useful WHS Handicap Calculator App available for both Apple and Android Mobile Devices.

What the author (Khadeeja Mohamed)says:

WHS Handicap Calculator is an all-in-one golf handicap calculator app for calculating individual and team Playing Handicaps with mixed-tee adjustments for all popular formats of play.

Whether you are organising friendly matches for your club or playing in team or mixed competitions, this app may be used to calculate the handicaps for all golfers including strokes received in match play. Or you may be playing in your regular four-ball and decide on the day the format and the tee(s). Just enter the relevant information in the app to get the recommended WHS Playing Handicaps for all players before you tee off.

This app calculates the Course and Playing Handicaps under the World Handicap System for all popular formats and applies recommended handicap allowances and mixed-tee adjustments. The Playing Handicaps for both Stableford and medal scoring are provided. This app caters for all golfers with a WHS Index, including plus-handicap golfers and offers settings for Course Handicap for use in multiple countries.

Using the App

Create and manage your list of 18-hole and 9-hole courses by adding the Course Rating, Slope Rating and Par for each tee. You may also add from a custom list provided in this app and edit as necessary to maintain accuracy. The ratings may get updated from time to time so always check the data used in the app are current and accurate and update accordingly.

Use the Single tab if all golfers play off the same tee. Use the Mixed tab if more than one tee is used. Select the golf course, tee(s) and format of play. Enter the Handicap Indexes for the group of players. For a plus-handicap golfer enter the Handicap Index as a negative value. Share handicaps easily with playing partners or opponents prior to your match.

Calculation of Course Handicap and Rounding

Under the WHS, countries may or may not apply the discretionary (CR – par) item in the calculation of Course Handicap. It is not applied in GB&I while it is in the US and many other countries. The Playing Handicap and any mixed-tee adjustments depend on the formula used for calculating CH.

Another aspect that is different across countries is rounding. The full Course Handicap is used for calculating the Playing Handicap in Scotland while it is first rounded to a whole number in England, Wales and Ireland. The 9-hole Course Handicap is calculated by halving the Handicap Index, but this value may or may not be rounded to one decimal place in the calculation. The applied rounding may result in a difference of a full stroke in Playing Handicaps.

This app contains all the relevant settings for Course Handicaps and adds any applicable mixed-tee adjustments to the Playing Handicap.

Mixed Tee Adjustments

For competitions or friendly games where multiple tees are used, the mixed-tee adjustments to handicaps are added to achieve equity when Course Ratings and/or pars are different. It also applies to fully mixed team formats to allow for rounding and the relative impact of the adjustments to individuals and teams. In this app, whenever multiple tees are assigned to players, the mixed-tee adjustments for medal and/or Stableford scoring are added to Playing Handicaps. The adjustment to the Playing Handicaps for a team is the average of the individual adjustments. For a mixed-tee scratch format, enter Handicap Index of 0 for all players to get their mixed-tee adjusted Playing Handicaps.

This app is not endorsed by any golf governing bodies. Users are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of the input data, the settings and the handicaps obtained from the app are applicable and accurate.

Following a free 7-day trial period there is a small annual subscription of £2.99 (GBP).

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2023 Update to the Guidance to the Rules of Handicapping as Applied to GB&I, England, Wales and Ireland.

The Guidance to the Rules of Handicapping as Applied to GB&I, England, Wales and Ireland has been updated for 2023. Version 1.7

The Guidance to the Rules of Handicapping as Applied to GB&I – Scotland Version 1.7 will be available soon.

The changes to note in this version, Version 1.7 are:

  • Directive added that scores for initial handicaps do now need to be pre-registered and reinforcement that such cards do need to be pre-registered.
  • Advice added that the Committee is responsible for the players handicap on the scorecard (unless a local rule to the contrary is in place). Added advice that the local rule is not recommended by CONGU®.
  • Removal of DQ sections for no or wrong handicap on scorecard.
  • Additional advice regarding the retention of scorecards.
  • Clarification of the situation of returning scores from outside GB&I until interoperability is in place.

Scores submitted from outside GB&I must be returned by the player to his/her home club as soon as possible after the round along with the PCC for the day played. This score can then be added to the players’ record. Until global operability is in place, any international score (outside of GB&I) with a known PCC value, that is being manually recorded is adjusted by an equal opposite value, changing the adjusted gross score.

  • Confirmation of the make-up of the Handicap Committee.

The Committee must be made up of at Least 3 people and most of these should be members (this is part of your affiliation requirement so it’s vital that it is in place all year round). This is a CONGU®/ England Golf Requirement and is not part of the Rules of Handicapping.

  • Definition of an Elite Golfer added.

CONGU® direct that the definition of an Elite Golfer is a male golfer with a Handicap Index of 0.0 or lower, or a female golfer with a Handicap Index of 2.0 or lower.

  • Removal of the reference to 4BBB and Match Play trial for Golf Ireland.

Golf Ireland have now abandoned their trial of accepting scores from Match Play and 4BBB formats and fallen inline with the rest of GB&I.

The acceptance of scores from 4BBB s is still under discussion and may be adopted by all UK Nations in the future.

  • Where there is local rule for a player to record handicap on card, Golf Ireland direct that Handicap Index is a minimum requirement.

Under the Rules of Golf (2023), unless an appropriate local rule to the contrary is in place, it is a Committee Responsibility to enter a players’ handicap on the card, and a player can no longer be disqualified by a failure to record a handicap on the score card. The CONGU® recommendation is NOT to implement such a local rule. In situations where the local rule has been implemented, the following advice applies:

To avoid a DQ under Local Rule the player must put his/her Course Handicap on the scorecard. This is expressed as an integer and represents the number of strokes the player receives for handicap purposes for both Competition scores and General Play returns. Golf Ireland direct that recording the Handicap Index is a requirement in Ireland.

  • Add Golf Ireland requirement for Handicap Index to be on the Card.
  • Add recommendation for Par + 5 for Maximum Score format.
  • Remove reference to Golf Ireland in Most Likely Score section.

You can download an updated version of the Guidance to the Rules of Handicapping as Applied to GB&I – England, Wales and Ireland Version 1.7 by Clicking Here or Clicking on the Download Button below: