Why do Golf Clubs have a Dress Code?

Why do golf clubs have a dress code?

There is, in fact, no set or fixed golf dress code, except in professional golf tournaments, e.g.:

‘At all PGA Golf Management tournaments, players shall present themselves with a neat and clean appearance. Shorts or denim are not permitted to be worn by male competitors. Khakis or slacks and collared shirts must be worn by all male players. Female competitors may wear shorts or skirts’.

A golf club’s dress code is whatever the club decides. Some clubs are happy to have none, others can have some highly complicated regulations. However there is some broad consensus among golf clubs which have chosen to have dress codes as to what is and is not acceptable.

If you are in any doubt as to  what to wear, check with the Golf Club beforehand.

Many golf courses require golfers to wear particular clothing because this instils a sense of professionalism and respectability. It’s important for players to look their best, so they maintain the reputation of the club.

If in doubt, wear chinos and a collared shirt. No club is going to object to that. Well not if the shirt is tucked into the trousers anyway, as some clubs have prohibitions on untucked shirts.

What is acceptable on the course and in the clubhouse can be different, too. If you have ever wondered what a spike bar is, this is a bar that players can go into straight off the course without having to change out of your spiked golf shoes.

Why Do Golfers Have A Dress Code?

When you start thinking about playing golf, you’ll come across a lot of new rules.

Not all of them have to do with how you play golf, your swing, choosing a club, playing a stroke, birdies, pars, or eagles. One of the things many of you may feel concerned about is a dress code.

Many municipal golf courses don’t have any rules about the way you should dress. However, when it comes to private golf clubs, you can face a dress code. Each club may have its own dress code, but the basic points are usually the same.

Let’s take a look at a few reasons why some golf clubs are strict about maintaining a dress code.

A Respect for Tradition

A dress code is steeped in tradition

The first games of golf as we know them date back to the 15th century. Although there is evidence that golf may have originated much earlier than that; the game has had several centuries to grow and develop and so have the traditions around it.

Golf, initially, was played by royalty and the elite. Each game being a special event at which the nobility didn’t just have fun. They used it as an opportunity to discuss important matters and arriving at a golf course inappropriately dressed was absolutely out of the question.

If you were to arrive at the golf course looking less than impeccable, the consequences could be dire, starting from unpleasant rumours and ending with the dissatisfaction of the king.

That’s why with time, a certain dress code has emerged, and Golf Clubs and players have continued to ensure that they follow it closely.

As time has passed, and although the game of golf has turned into an entertaining event accessible to more and more people, players haven’t really wanted to change tradition.

Comfort and Safety

If you look at old photographs of golfers, it will seem that the comfort of the players was rarely considered, with time however, it has become more and more important. What may at first appear to be a tribute to tradition is, in fact, a sensible way to add comfort and safety to the players.

  • Golf hat or cap – protects the player from the sun while the visor shields the eyes from direct sunlight to help make a good swing.
  • Collared shirt or polo – a collar is an excellent way to protect your neck from the sunshine and avoid sunburn.
  • Special golf shoes – ensure comfort on the course for hours without slipping or damaging the grass.
  • Slacks, pants, trousers, shorts, skirts – provide freedom of movement, protection from the sunrays and undergrowth and proper ventilation.

So, even if a club doesn’t demand it, it makes sense to follow the common dress code. Wearing clothing made specifically for playing golf, can make your game comfortable and increase your chances of achieving better results.  

Following the Dress Code

In the 21st century, following the golf club’s dress code is easier than it may seem. If you wear a collared shirt, trousers, tailored shorts, skirts and golf shoes without metal spikes, you are likely to be accepted at most golf clubs.

Also bear in mind, that besides following the dress code, you must protect your skin from the sun and also dress appropriately in cold or rainy weather. No matter how strict your club is about the dress code, it’s likely to relax its rules when it comes to rain suits or overcoats.

A Final Comment

When you are planning for your next game, consider having a change of clothing with you, especially when there is a threat of inclement weather.

A day at the golf club may entail a dinner or a cup of coffee inside the building. You don’t want to sit at the table sweaty with your clothes dripping wet or stained by grass. That’s why you should have a change of clothing that suits the club’s dress code.

No matter how well you know the dress code, it’s important to call the club in advance or visit the website to check the details. Each golf club, especially well established ones, may have its own dress code nuances, which could become the cause of ruined plans.