2019 CONGU Unified Handicap System Manual


Hope you all have enjoyed a wonderful Christmas and looking forward to a New Year of Golf.

Just a quick note to let you know that CONGU have just released their 2019 Version of the UHS Handbook.

You will be able to download a Player’s Quick Guide, Secretaries Quick Guide and a Full Version of the Manual if you click on Quick Guide to 2019 CONGU UHS.

Happy New Year and good golf!


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2 Replies to “2019 CONGU Unified Handicap System Manual”

    1. A competition played under the Maximum Score format, may count for handicapping purposes provided your Club observes certain provisions,

      1. The Maximum Score Per Hole being set at 5 over par or greater.
      2. Setting the maximum score at 4 over par, or less, would render the competition Non-Qualifying for handicap purposes because a player with a high handicap could potentially be credited with a lower score than a Nett Double Bogey.
      3. For handicap adjustment purposes and the calculation of the CSS, the Nett Double Bogey Adjustment will be applied.

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